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happiness project: embrace adventure + italy

May 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Christy Knutson in Uncategorized

So. Tomorrow I’m going to Italy.

{Breathe, Christy.}

Also, yesterday I began my year-long personal version of The Happiness Project. Each month I will pursue a different focus, all with the intention of living this declaration: “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”  {Westminster Shorter Catechism} Each month will include five resolutions.

May: Embrace Adventure

  • 1. Suffocate Worry
  • 2. Diversify Our Diet
  • 3. Experience Italy Fully
  • 4. Discover a Life of Everyday Adventure
  • 5. Commit to a Fun Appalachian Trail Week (Jon’s hiking a portion of the AT. Annazalie and I are cheering him on from the comfort of our couch.)

For a number of reasons I selected “Embrace Adventure” as my topic of exploration for the month of May. I haven’t decided if I will blog about my Project or not. I also haven’t decided what I think about blogging in general. I may keep at it, I may not. Either way, I do plan to blog during our Italy adventure.


I have pretty much been a wreck this week. Several months ago one of my favorite bloggers, Micha Boyett, wrote a post that, at the time, I had no idea how much it would impact me. If you’re curious how I’m feeling about our trip, this is it. All of it, right here: Why I’m Afraid to Tell You Where We’re Going on Vacation.

My mama heart is having a hard time leaving our girl for a week. I cannot stop hugging and kissing her squirmy little body. But I am confident she will have one of the best weeks of her 2+ year life, gardening with my mom, watching Dora with my Dad and eating nonstop. The anxiety I have felt this week has also convinced me that this is a good, good thing. This stretching, this thinking, this trusting God, this holding Annazalie with open hands. She keeps wrapping up little treasures, talking about how she’s going on vacation to Mimi and Papa’s. Her heart is ripe for adventure. May mine be as well.

We are blessed beyond measure and I cannot wait for a whole week to walk hand-in-hand with my Jon, glimpsing new pieces of God’s beauty, experiencing it all with dear friends from Illinois, feeding Bennet bowls of pasta, soaking it all up and preparing our marriage for becoming a family a four.

I plan to blog once a day, as I did in Ireland. We are beyond thankful for the record we have of that grand adventure, spurring us to be disciplined in blogging this one as well. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses

  • Christy,

    First, thank you for linking to my post.

    Second, it was so hard leaving my boys but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. So important for my marriage and so much fun.

    You can do this! Drink that wine, girl, and eat the pasta. And take fiber with you. (That’s my little piece of advice. :) )

    Peace and Sweetness,

    • Thanks Micha! Your courage rubbed off on me and I am SO glad we made the trip! It was amazing. My third trimester hormones didn’t do me any favors so the first few days were tough, but it was absolutely worth it. Such a blessing. If only I had read your fiber suggestion before leaving! :) Best wishes on your memoir. I cannot wait to read it. You are doing a good, good work.

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